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I am a screenwriter.  The scripts below are examples of some of my work.  If you are interested in producing one of these, contact me at the top right corner of the website!  I am also available for hire as a writer, co-writer, and/or ghost writer.  

The Beach (2020) (short)

After a close call with death, optimistically wayward Elijah accepts a social invitation from a former friend, Jade, who is currently busy "saving the world". As they arrive at a nude beach, Elijah realizes "things" are not what they seem to be at all.

garden of piss screenshot.png
Garden of Piss (2020) (2-Part Miniseries)

A troubled young boy stumbles upon an unsettling yet entrancing scene in a luscious backyard in a strange part of town.  The scene, a young violinist playing to a sobbing woman, awakens something deep and mysterious within the young boy.

But who's the mysterious narrator of it all?  What about this Gardener with the enigmatic accent?  Will his Mother quit drinking?

Will the Boy find his special talent?


I am a short story author.  The stories below are examples of some of my work.  Enjoy!

His Spreadsheet Pimpled.png
His Spreadsheet Pimpled (2021)

Carl is in love with two sisters, Clara and Monica.  He enlists the help of an old friend from Fresno, Emilio, to "assess the situation". Are Emilio's analyses and schemes sharp enough to help Carl successfully navigate the conundrum?  Did Emilio even consider Carl a "friend" back in Fresno?  Will Carl succumb to his dragon?

Meredith Man (website image).png
Meredith Takes Manhattan (2021)

Puzzle extraordinaire Meredith, a.k.a. the Unabashed Queen of Quirks, meets her most confounding match yet:  reality, life, responsibilities! 

Will Meredith learn to "grow up?"  Or are some people's destinies inherently different than the norm?  

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