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Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Estevan B. Muñoz got his first taste for self-expression as a young actor at his elementary school's theater program under the direction of Patricio Trujillo.
From there onward to college, Estevan wrote and acted and directed short films, starred in University of New Mexico theater productions, and co-wrote and acted in a feature-length film he made with his brother, "Este Does Not Make A Movie".
Upon moving to Portland, Estevan quickly found more screen-acting and writing opportunities, most notably starring in Rocko Zevenbergen's feature length film "I Need You Dead". On top of all this colorful and innocent mayhem, Estevan has been exploring his musicality with an ongoing experiment in rapping under the moniker CHAZ MATADOR: whose laboratory results you can find here at
Right now, Estevan is practicing his chops as a multi-discipline writer, and always on the grind for new creative projects to fill his time on this rock in the middle of nowhere.

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